A microphoneA microphoneA striked-through microphoneTwo combined window framesTwo arrows pointing to the rightAn icon indicating a dropdown menuA square with pen in top rightAn icon looking looking like a graduation capAn icon looking like a text marker3 horizontal linesMultiplikation X-sign alikeTwo triangles pointing to the rightArrow pointing to left bottomArrow pointing to right topTwo parallel vertical barsA record button iconA stylized computer displayA stylized computer displayA marker iconAn icon looking like a notepad with a clamp at the topA cogwheel iconA calendar-like iconOpened Eye iconClosed Eye iconPresentation iconTrash can iconCalendar iconPerson iconTwo overlapping window framesA bar chartTwo arrows pointing to the rightRepresents uploading a file to a remote destinationA circle indicating a session participantA video cameraA video cameraA striked-through video camera

Snapview 6

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